World 23-11-2018

A Japanese ship loses 21 projectiles by the strong waves

It consists of more than 20 ammunitions, which are about 17 centimeters long and weigh 250 grams each.

The escort boat 'Chikuma' of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan lost on Thursday a part of its ammunition near the island of Kume, in the East China Sea belonging to the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa, according to the Okinawa Times.

It is 21 projectiles for 20 mm caliber cannon that supposedly fell to the sea due to the strong waves that the ship endured. The ammunition, about 17 centimeters long and 3 in diameter, weighs 250 grams each.

Local fishermen have been warned about the incident, as well as about the risk of projectile detonation. However, the probability of them falling into fishing nets is low, since the depth of the sea in this area is quite large, according to the media.


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