Politics 08-11-2018

A man arrested for threatening to kill the Spanish head of government

A man with an arsenal in his house that threatened to assassinate the Spanish head of government, the socialist Pedro Sanchez, was arrested last September, police and judicial authorities said Thursday.

"A man was detained in Terrassa [northeast of Spain] who wanted to kill the president of the Spanish government," the regional police of Catalonia, where the arrest took place, said on Twitter.

"The arrested man, who had an arsenal of weapons at home, has already been imprisoned," the message added.

"In no case has the president's security been compromised," the government reacted in a note after the news was released, explaining that "this type of threat is a constant".

In addition, the executive demanded "to continue working for serenity in the political debate" at a time of growing tension in the country, with right-wing parties practicing a tough opposition to Sánchez.

The incarceration was ordered on September 21 by a court in Terrassa, which investigates him for conspiracy to attempt against authority, serious threats and illegal possession of weapons, among others, the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia said in a statement.

According to a spokeswoman of this court, the threats were through the internet.

"When the house is searched, an arsenal is found, which reinforces the credibility of the threats," the spokesperson told AFP, adding that the arsenal included "numerous weapons."

According to the digital newspaper Público, the first to publish the information, the detainee is a 63-year-old Spaniard who had 16 weapons at home, including high-precision rifles and an assault submachine gun.

This newspaper states that the detainee's intention was to take revenge on Pedro Sánchez for wanting to exhume the remains of the dictator Francisco Franco from the mausoleum in his honor from the Valley of the Fallen, near Madrid.


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