Economía 16-09-2017

​Algeria and Venezuela to evaluate bilateral relations in terms of energy

Both nations are evaluating their bilateral relations in energy matters, as was revealed during a meeting with Algerian businessmen and authorities. Furthermore, a delegation of Algerian businessmen will soon visit Venezuela in a move to promote investment.

“There are new projects with regards to trade relations. A delegation of Algerian businessmen and investors will soon visit Venezuela to start structuring the Bolivarian Economic Agenda and its 15 engines,” Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stated.

He also informed that the nations are discussing decisions to strengthen the production cut agreement reached between OPEC and non-OPEC producers, considering that the next meeting is scheduled for September 20 in Vienna, for which he ratified that there will be good news for the oil sector.

“We continue to move forward in all the agreements to rebalance the market, regain control over it and get prices back to a fair level needed for our industries and the development of our investments.” Maduro also indicated that the meeting with the African nation also included discussions on “new possibilities for an air connection.”

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