Analysis 17-12-2018

Ambassador of Macri challenges the Argentine sovereignty of Malvinas

The Argentine ambassador in London recognizes British sovereignty over the Falklands, unleashing a scandal over Macri's policy on the islands.

In a message on his Twitter account, the Argentine ambassador to London (British capital), Carlos Sersale, has recognized the sovereignty of the UK over the islands, referring to British officials there designated as "highest authorities of the island," a designation that corresponds to the Argentine Government, according to its position in the open sovereignty dispute.

The statement has sparked a diplomatic scandal. According to Argentina exembajadora Alicia Castro, this fact is not only unprecedented, since no Argentine diplomat had expressed that way since the usurpation by London 1833, but also "committed negotiating Argentina with the United Kingdom".

In an interview with Radio 10 reflected on Monday by the local newspaper Página 12 , Castro has warned that this recognition "can undoubtedly be used by the British side in future negotiations", since it "strengthens the British presence".

The former ambassador has ruled out the possibility that the ambassador pronounced himself in such a way because of a diplomatic "error" and has referred to a recurrence of similar statements that cast a mantle of suspicion on the position of the Government of Mauricio Macri in the Malvinas question.

In addition, the ex-employee recalled the Foradori-Dunkan agreement between Argentina and the United Kingdom of December 2016, with which "the Government is deliberately favoring British interests", as well as the flights that will be made from Argentina to the Malvinas and with which, according to Castro, "the country does not gain anything", because it will not be an Argentine line, but those of foreign ownership that operate in the southern country.

"To yield is to know very badly the British, who increased the militarization in the archipelago and determined that the flights are made by third countries, not by an Argentine company," the diplomat has warned.

Macri's government has not yet explained about the scandal, but Sersale has erased that message in the long list of responses and repudios, and has replaced it with another in which includes the photo but removes the expression of discord.

Argentina and the United Kingdom are involved in the territorial dispute over the Malvinas since 1833, when the European country occupied the archipelago. The litigation led both countries to a 74-day war in 1982. Since then, the Latin American nation has claimed sovereignty over the islands in various international forums and has urged London to negotiate to resolve the dispute, to which the British deny

After coming to power Macri, in December 2015 announced that it would opt for a position "not very hard" on the Falklands , as opposed to the policy of the Governments of Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández (2003-2015). The Argentine opposition has criticized the passivity of the current Executive on this issue.


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