Economy 14-09-2018

AMLO bets on scholarship plan to promote peace and security

The president-elect of Mexico indicated in the presentation of his plan aimed at youth that his government will choose to help youth who never had a chance.

The president-elect of Mexico,Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), presented an investment plan or scholarships for young people who bring their potential to the country and thus contribute to making peace and securitya goal achieved.

This is the " Young Building the Future " program, which consists of "giving opportunity to young people who do not currently study and do not work." They will go from house to house inscribing them to study or train at work, incorporating them into productive activities with small, medium and small businesses. of the private, public and social sectors ".

He noted that through this plan seeks to ensure that youth get stable jobs and not opt for migration to other countries, and in turn as a priority to pacify the country, "which involves restoring ties from communities and generate opportunities for development to those who until now have been denied. "

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The modalities of scholarships for the Mexican youth will be given in two modalities, the educational one that is directed to "300,000 young people who have finished the baccalaureate and look for to realize university studies, to those who will be granted economic contributions to them of 2,400 pesos while they last their studies".

The other modality, on-the-job training , is aimed at 2.3 million young people, and through this they will be linked to work centers so that they receive training and tutoring. They will be granted an aid of 3,600 pesos per month for up to one year.

Those interested in opting for these scholarships can visit the page and verify the options that are applicable in particular cases.

This program will be directed 70 percent to the private sector, 20 percent to the public and 10 percent to the social sector.

"Of course it's about education for work, it's something important, transcendent, never seen. It is a challenge that we can all carry out, that we can operate well, that we achieve the purpose of attracting young people, that we embrace them, seek and be given alternatives so that they do not fall into temptation, in the ranks of the crime or frustration, "said AMLO.


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