Politics 05-11-2018

AMLO will receive two caravans of migrants

The members of the first and second caravan of the Central American migrant will be received by the elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in the capital of the country, informed the mayor of the municipality of Pijijiapan, Héctor Meneses Marcelino.

Upon receiving the members of the second caravan of the migrant, the mayor told the Central Americans that in Mexico City "will be a few days", but has information that "there will receive the president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador”.

In the central park, where an assembly was held and where it was agreed to continue with the route from 07:00 hours to the municipality of Arriaga, Meneses Marcelino said that "I hope that one of the great ideals in Latin America so that you do not have to ask for a visa for Central Americans, so they can cross the towns of Mexico. "

He added that he hopes that the Senate of the Republic will receive the bill that will be presented by some citizens to eliminate the Visa for citizens of Central American origin and, as of December 1, the citizens of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and others, "have a document so that authorities do not have to attack them."

In his message to the Central Americans, from the balcony of the municipal presidency, the mayor asked them to sit down at home and ordered an operation, as he did in the first caravan, so that during his stay in Pijijiapan they do not suffer any mishap .

"You have the solidarity of the authorities and we have been watching you. It is our responsibility. We have complied, "explained the mayor of Morena.

Meneses Marcelino accompanied the members of the caravan on Saturday afternoon, when they crossed the checkpoint of the National Migration Institute (INM) of Echegaray, and from there he walked with the Central Americans a few kilometers.

Before, the director of Pueblos Sin Fronteras, Irineo Mújica announced that the caravan will leave for Arriaga at 07:00 hours.

He regretted that agents of the INM have arrested a group of migrants, so he asked the authorities to be treated as "human beings".


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