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​Apple works with clean energy around the world

The most famous technological apple in the world is now totally friendly with the environment. Apple's clean energy is 100% operational throughout its business this includes retail stores offices data centers and facilities spread across 43 countries. Last year they had an eco - sustainable coverage of 96%. This Monday the giant of Cupertino announced that they reached 100%.

In factApple's clean energynow has 23 responsible suppliers. "We have added new manufacturing partners committed to driving all of Apple's renewable energy" the company said. For his part,Tim Cook general manager also gave his impressions. "After years of hard work we are proud to achieve this important milestone. We will continue to expand the limits of what is possible with the materials in our products. We will evolve in the way we recycle. Our facilities and suppliers will establish new creative sources to develop Apple's clean energy. The future depends on that. "

In the industry apple uses solar hydroelectric and wind power. The paper they use in their packaging comes from recycled or managed sources in a responsible manner. In this sense, theApple Parkhas a solar roof with 17 megawatts and 4 megawatts of biogas fuel cells. In China the wind and solar platforms contribute 485 megawatts in six provinces. As Bloomberg reportsapple is building two eco-friendly data centers in Denmark. Fortunately the company has 25 operational power plants and is building another 15 once completed apple will have more than 1.4 gigawatts of clean energy.

Apple's clean energy efforts are extraordinary. Mashable affirms that the company's green projects reduce 54% of gas emissions. That is: 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. However, his environmental vision has a weak point. It must be added that Apple does not promote the repair or replacement of its products. As a business it is a normal decision, recalls Mashable, but as a "renewable" company.

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