World 09-08-2018

Argentine Senate rejects law of decriminalization of abortion

Now a series of mobilizations are expected to respond to the senators' refusal to voluntarily interrupt their pregnancies.

The ArgentineSenate rejected the draft law on voluntary interruption of pregnancy (IVE) early Thursday, while thousands of women expected a positive result for the legalization of abortion .

With 38 votes against and 31 in favor, the historic session ended amid massive demonstrations by the Argentine people.

The organizations that make up the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion promise to fill the streets around Congress, just as they did when the bill was discussed in the House of Representatives.

The bill on this law was approved in June by the Chamber of Deputies and needed the positive vote of the Senate to become law.

When not approved by the Upper House the project falls definitively for this legislative year and can not be discussed again in Congress until after March 1, 2019, the date on which a new legislative period begins.

In Argentina, almost 50.000 women are hospitalized every year due to complications derived from abortions and half a hundred die of complications.

Abortion in figures

- At one year it is estimated that between 370.000 and 520,000 abortions are performed.

- Since the return to democracy (1983) 3.030 women died from unsafe abortions.

- There are 70.000 hospital admissions per year due to complications of pregnancy interruptions performed clandestinely.

- Some 49.000 women went to public hospitals for problems related to abortion in 2013.


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