Análisis 04-08-2017

Argentinian private sector to invest US$60 million in renewable energy

On August 11, Argentina’s president Mauricio Macri will take part in an event promoting the installation of the country’s largest renewable generation plant. The project will be located in Virasoro (Corrientes) and it aims at replacing diesel in the Argentine Northeastern region.

Private investment for the first phase will be US$60 million, with capital mainly contributed by Grupo Ionsud. The event will also be attended by Governor Ricardo Colombi and local authorities and business owners.

Provincial Energy Secretary Eduardo Melano stated that the project – backed by the State and the local government of Corrientes – is set to generate 40 MW. For its part, the Nation’s Secretary of Energy will oversee the relevant studies, according to eldiariolanacion.

The minister remarked that the power plant will use the available forestry residue that generates steam when burned and the movement of an electrical turbine. “The impact will be very large since in addition to the building and infrastructure stages there will be qualified staff and it will require the logistics needed to provide raw materials unused by factories and sawmills,” he said.

The Virasoro power plant will boost the region’s economy, replacing costly diesel burning. Pomera, a company part of Grupo Ionsud, will provide the initial investment of $60 million to generate 40 MW/h of sustainable power.

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