Mundo 10-08-2017

Bolivia anticipates a significant investment on lithium

Despite the significant growth rates achieved by the Evo Morales administration in recent years, consolidating the economy remains one of its main objectives and, to this end, it has earmarked an important investment to industrialize lithium production.

This according to what President Evo Morales said in an interview with Bolivian magazine La Razon. The issue comes out on Sunday, on the 192nd anniversary of Bolivia’s independence, lacomunidadpetrolera reported.

“The industrialization phase will be important. Lithium… you can’t even imagine the plans we have for lithium on the 2025 agenda. Everyone from analysts to the media is talking about how lithium will turn Bolivia into the new Saudi Arabia. We have a lot of hope, a lot of future,” he said.

He recalled that over the last five years the government has invested around US$20 million to build the first pilot plant, and added that the industrialization phase will entail an investment of over US$1 billion. “We guarantee it,” he assured.

The president explained that the government is aiming to build Bolivia’s economy on four pillars: hydrocarbons, mining, energy, and agriculture and livestock.

“I would like for agriculture and energy to have a value, just like hydrocarbons at the moment. Can you imagine? That would triple or even quadruple the economy. And then, forget about other matters, tourism and such, which are complementary for the country’s economic development,” he stated.

Regarding economic growth, he assured Bolivia is keeping a good pace, despite the oil crisis, although he admitted the country has not reached the intended targets for this year. President Morales will lead the official events organized this Sunday to celebrate Homeland Day in Cobija, capital of Pando, from where he will address the nation.

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