Analysis 17-12-2018

Bolivia to the USA: We do not accept the intervention of other countries

The Bolivian chancellor demands the US to refrain from intervening in internal affairs of others after claiming Washington respect for the Constitution in Bolivia.

"We do not accept the intervention to refer to the issues that Bolivians and Bolivians are interested in," Diego Pary warned Monday in response to a statement issued Sunday by the US State Department, in which he urged La Paz to respect the Constitution and the will of the people in the 2019 elections.

The Bolivian minister reminded Washington that, in accordance with the framework agreement signed between the United States. and Bolivia on November 7, 2011, both countries are committed to "refrain from intervening in internal affairs of other States."

Pary has ensured that Bolivian institutions make decisions that are "not in debate" or "in doubt", since they act within their competencies without violating national laws.

"Bolivia is an independent and sovereign State. All its actions are in accordance with its Constitution and its national regulations, "the dignitary stressed.

The statement from the US State Department is in addition to the pronouncement made last week by the European Union (EU) in the sense that alleged "threats" to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) "do not favor fair and balanced conditions in view of the upcoming elections in Bolivia. " Regarding the EU, the foreign minister said that there have already been talks in which the issue was "absolutely clear".

The pronouncement comes after the TSE authorized the Bolivian president , Evo Morales, to repostulate himself in the 2019 elections, despite having been rejected in 2016 by referendum.

The Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) authorized the candidacy of Morales after an appeal filed by social sectors related to the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) on the basis of the right to elect and be elected, as established in the American Convention on Human Rights.

Last Monday, the United Nations Organization (UNO) announced through its resident coordinator in Bolivia, Mauricio Ramírez, that the international body respects the ruling authorizing the reinstatement of Morales. In addition, he called for free elections to ensure that "the population is free to choose its rulers."


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