Política 30-10-2018

Bolsonaro denies intervention in Venezuela and seeks to resize Mercosur

The elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, ruled out this Monday, October 29, can support a military intervention inVenezuelaand said he intends to give a new dimension to Mercosur, considering that the bloc is "overvalued."

"On our part there is no such thing (an intervention inVenezuela ). Brazil is always going to seek the peaceful way to solve the problems, "said the right-wing deputy in an interview he gave to the television network Record a day after his victory at the polls.

Bolsonaro, who was elected president with 55% of the valid votes on Sunday, compared to 45% of his opponent, the socialist Fernando Haddad, admitted that some authorities from other countries with whom he spoke after his electoral victory addressed the crisis inVenezuelaand they asked that Brazil "participate in some way or another to solve this problem".

After assuring that Brazil defends a negotiated solution, he affirmed that the country is interested in collaborating because, at the end of the day, "our brothers are going through very serious difficulties due to the dictatorship of (President Nicolás) Maduro".

According to the far right, if Brazil had done its "homework" when it was governed by the Workers' Party (PT), the formation led by former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the situation inVenezuelamight have been resolved.

"But the PT always admired the Government (of Hugo) Chavez and later that of Maduro. That is why we arrive at that situation in which the poorest are suffering and fleeing even to Brazil because they no longer have anything to eat in their country, "he said.

On the Mercosur, Bolsonaro said to coincide with the statements given by his future finance minister, the economist Paulo Guedes, and for whom the bloc integrated by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and of whichVenezuelais suspended "is not a priority".

"Mercosur has its importance yes but, in my opinion, it is overrated. It was well gestated at the beginning but in the PT Government the ideological issue started to speak louder. Nobody wants to detonate Mercosur but we want to give it its due stature, "he said.

He added that he does not want to quote any country but there were members of Mercosur (made up of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay - withVenezuelasuspended) that flouted the rules of free trade and received total freedom from the PT government in Brazil.

"What we want is to get rid of some ties of the Mercosur. Venezuelashould never have been accepted as a member of Mercosur because of the democratic clause, "he said.

Bolsonaro said that since the elections he has received phone calls from the presidents of several countries and that, although the talks were formal, "obviously" he is "happy because there was a demonstration that we can walk together for the good of our peoples."

He affirmed that the first call he received was that of the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, but he has also talked, among others, with the leaders of Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Israel, Spain and the United States.

On his conversation with US President Donald Trump, he said that he was more delayed than the others and that they talked about a possible increase in trade between the two countries and cooperation in the military area.

"We are going to deepen it in our conversation in a future contact. I am sure I intend to go to the United States this year and take my team, "he said, adding that he intends to visit even before taking office on January 1.

He assured that military matters could be addressed by the vice president-elect, Army Reserve General Hamilton Mourao, with whom he also intends to travel to Israel for similar talks.

"The commercial issues (with the United States) will be addressed by Paulo Guedes. We have to expand much trade but without detracting from trade with other countries in the world, "he said.