Politics 06-11-2018

Bolsonaro warns that China will not be able to "buy Brazil"

The elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, opts to expand ties with China, but warns that no foreign country is able to "buy" Brazil.

The rightist leader expressed in an interview on Monday his concern over the sale of national lands to foreigners and said that this issue does not refer only to China, but to other countries.

"All countries can buy in Brazil, not buy Brazil," said the president and then mentioned a meeting he had the same day at his home in Rio de Janeiro with the ambassador of the Asian giant, Li Jinzhang, and said he has explained that his future Government has no plans to get away from China by getting closer to the US , as spread by the media "in bad faith" during his election campaign.

"We have no problem with China or any other country. Trade with China can be expanded, "he added, insisting that neither Brasilia nor Beijing want to abandon bilateral cooperation.

His claims come almost a week after the state newspaper China Daily warned that the arrival of the "tropical Trump" - perhaps because of its offensive comments on women and minorities - to the presidency of the South American giant and its promise of radical changes could affect China-Brazil relations.

Since 2009, China has become Brazil's largest trading partner. During the past year, the South American country has exported 47 490 million dollars to China, of which it has imported 27 320 million dollars.

Bolsonaro, who will officially assume power on January 1, was elected last October as the president of Brazil with 55.15% of the vote, compared to 44.85% of his rival, the leftist candidate of the Partido de los Workers (PT), Fernando Haddad.


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