Analysis 19-12-2018

Bolsonaro will take Brazil out of the Global Migration Pact

The elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, announces that his country will withdraw from the Global Migration Pact to avoid "suffering" like that of France.

In a live broadcast made through the social network Facebook on Tuesday, Bolsonaro lamented that the current Chancellor, Aloysio Nunes, recently signed the document of the United Nations (UN) for migration, along with about 160 countries , and which aims to strengthen international cooperation for a "safe, orderly and regular" migration.

"Unfortunately the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil (Aloysio Nunes Ferreira) signed that treaty," said Bolsonaro.

Thus, the far-right - winner of the presidential elections and who will swear his office on January 1 - condemned the decision of the government of the acting president, Michel Temer, to subscribe to the global agreement promoted by the UN.

Everyone knows what is happening in France, explained the Brazilian politician and then add that this situation makes it "unbearable" to live in some parts of the European country as the intolerance of migrants grows.

In his opinion, the French people have welcomed refugees in the "best possible way", but they "want to assert" their culture, their rights and privileges brought from their countries of origin to the place where they have been received. Consequently, Bolsonaro ruled that "now France is suffering because of this".

Noting that he does not want a similar situation to France in Brazil, Bolsonaro said he is not against immigrants, but if he is in favor of regulating the entry of migrants to their country with more rigorous criteria.

In February, the Government of France, chaired by Emanuel Macron, introduced a new immigration reform that would tighten control over the entry and application for asylum in this European country.


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