Politics 07-08-2018

Brazil reopens its border with Venezuela to allow immigrants to enter

The Federal Regional Court of the 1 Region (TRF1) of Brazil issued the order to reopen the borders with Venezuela and allow the entry of immigrants from that country, reports the local press.

"The decision of TFR 1 was received during the morning, addressed to federal judge Helder Girao Barreto, responsible for the measure that determined the closure of the border, under the justification of preventing the entry of Venezuelan immigrants," reported the state agency Agencia Brasil.

The decision of TFR 1 was taken after taking into account an appeal filed by the General Legal Profession of the Union (AGU), a body dependent on the Presidency, against the decision of Judge Barreto, who on August 5 ordered the temporary closure of the border of the northern state of Roraima to stop the arrival of Venezuelan immigrants.

The Federal Police and agents of the National Security Force began to comply with the decision on the afternoon of August 6.

The borders remained closed for a total of 17 hours, affecting around 100 Venezuelans who were stranded at the gates of Brazil.


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