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Brazil: "What is at stake is not only the freedom of Lula but the country we want"

The former president of Brazil is campaigning from prison. Does the WP defer other electoral options?

For the Workers Partyof Brazil there are no alternatives, so he supports Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva as his candidate for the presidential elections next October.

In a mass ceremony held this Saturday in the city of Sao Paulo, the WP officially presented Lula Da Silva as its presidential standard-bearer.

Meanwhile, the former president and leader of the PT is in prison since April 7, 2018.

The high political leader, 72, was sentenced to 12 years in prison on charges of passive corruption , crime refers to any public official who performed or dej or to fulfill an act of jurisdiction in exchange for some benefit .

Operation 'Lava Jato'

The exmandatario was accused of receiving a luxury triplex apartment in front of the beach in the Solaris Condominium, located in Guarujá, a city in the state of Sao Paulo.

However, during the trial it was not possible to prove that Lula was the owner of the property and it was not possible to identify the act or omission that would have given rise to the payment with that department.

The case of the former president is part of an operation deployed by the Federal Police, under the name of ' Lava jato ' ('Lavado a presión'), and which was based on the testimonies of those implicated in cases of corruption that occurred in the Petrobras state company and the Odebrecht construction company.

The informants took advantage of a collaboration agreement with the Justice to reduce their sentences.

Political coherence

At the time of his arrest, Lula Da Silva had returned to the political arena as a candidate for the presidency and since then, as noted by Brazilian sociologist Vinicius Sartorato, "he heads all the surveys that different institutes have conducted in the country."

So for the WP, "the plan is still one: Lula Da Silva", points out the political analyst.

There are several reasons to boost your presidential candidacy. The first of these, he adds, is that the Workers' Party " believes in Lula's innocence: the accusation against the former president is unfair and is due to the politicization of justice."

Another reason is that the former president has an undisputed leadership in the Brazilian party and society, and for the WP "it is a matter of political coherence."

While the Electoral Tribunal does not annul Lula's presidential option, "he will continue his campaign sub júdice (pending judicial resolution)," says Beto Almeida, a Brazilian journalist and specialist in international affairs .

Policy options

Although the speech is support for the candidacy of Lula, the former president himself has played several letters since prison.

In the same act in which the WP formalized Lula's candidacy, he also introduced himself to Fernando Haddad (former mayor of Sao Paulo) as his formula partner for the vice presidency.

Guided by Lula da Silva, the WP managed to agree with the Communist Party of Brazil (PCB) to stop the candidacy of Manuela D'Avila .

Lula's political organization proposed to the communists that if the electoral tribunal prevents him from participating, Haddad would become the PT's standard-bearer and the leader, Manuela D'Avila, would be his formula for the vice presidency, explained Almeida.

In this regard, the sociologist Vinicius Sartorato argues that Haddad, "although it is a younger political cadre, has earned the respect of the entire left of Brazil, as well as intellectual sectors and the media of the population."

On the court

The context of the presidential elections in October presents several elements that must be considered within the analyzes.

Beto Almeida says that part of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), the party of President Michel Temer , "defends the candidacy Lula."

It is worth remembering that this group was an ally of the WP and that Temer served as vice president of the ex -mandante Dilma Rousseff.

Within the Congress, "several senators of the MDB have expressed their support for Lula and do not defend the candidacy of Henrique Meireles , Minister of Economy of Temer, there is a rupture in that party," Almeida said.

In Game

On the other hand, everything seems to indicate that the electoral campaign of this Latin American nation will revolve around issues such as national sovereignty, the rights of the working class and the state of democracy.

"Brazil is playing the chance to enter a new time of barbarism, with a fragile democracy, or return to a path that broke two years ago with the coup against Dilma Rousseff," says Sartorato.

The WP's presidential option represents a political bloc, facing two major poles of the local scene.

"It is the advance of the far right with Jair Bolsonaro , a kind of Brazilian Trump, and another sector that promotes the free market, privatizations and the flexibilization of labor rights, with Gerardo Alckmin," says the sociologist.

In his opinion, during the governments of Lula and Dilma, Brazil developed "as a great regional power", while today some 13.000.000 people are unemployed and another 10.000.000 have returned to poverty.


Thus, the presidential election of October 2018 will be held in a country that is not free of contradictions.

The sociologist recalled that Dilma Rousseff was accused of administrative irregularities and removed her from the presidency. Today she leads the polls of her state (Minas Gerais) as a candidate for the Senate.

That means, she explains, "that they took her out of power, but she will be able to choose the Senate because she did not lose her political rights, since they could never prove the crimes that they accused her ."

And while she is a candidate for the Senate, Eduardo Cunha , the then president of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies who pushed for Rousseff's dismissal, was sentenced to 24 years and 10 months in prison .

In short, " not only Lula's freedom is at stake, but the country


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