Politics 23-11-2018

Brexit veto maintained: Spain rejects Brussels offer for Gibraltar

From the European Union proposed to draft a statement to defuse the rejection of the Brexit agreement.

Spain maintains its threat to veto the 'brexit' despite the fact that the European Union has offered in the last few hours to implement the Exit Agreement with statements, drafted by the British Executive and by the European authorities, to clear up doubts about Gibraltar.

The Government of Pedro Sánchez, nevertheless, understands that it still does not have sufficient guarantees about the future relationship of Gibraltar with the EU.

This has been confirmed by the government sources cited by Europa Press , which have emphasized precisely that they still do not have "all the guarantees" they want about Gibraltar. "We can not consider that there is an agreement," they stress.

The Spanish authorities require that the EU UK Exit Agreement explicitly state that no agreement on the future relationship will apply to Gibraltar without the prior consent of Spain .

The reason for the discord is that this rule does not appear in the political statement about the future relationship. The controversial Article 184 , which alludes to this relationship without specifying that any agreement that includes Gibraltar must be negotiated separately in bilateral talks between London and Madrid, was introduced at the last minute in the Treaty that should establish the aforementioned Exit Agreement .

The British enclave in the Iberian Peninsula is the last obstacle to overcome in these days prior to the summit next Sunday, which is expected to seal the 'Brexit' agreement.


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