Analysis 06-12-2018

British Prime Minister admits: Brexit may not be available

The British premier fears that the agreement reached between London and Brussels does not receive necessary support and recognizes for the first time that it is possible that there is no Brexit.

One of the options of the British prime minister on the Brexit , is that there is no Brexit . Theresa May, for the first time, has admitted it. He has insisted that there will be no other agreement with the European Union (EU) on Brexit .

His words come in the face of the British Parliament's vote on the agreement negotiated between London and Brussels on December 11. The premier has insisted that there will not be another referendum, but he did not answer what his plan would be if the deputies reject the pact.

In turn, the British Finance Minister, Philip Hammond, has made it clear that Theresa May's agreement will not be renegotiated. The same is the opinion of the chief negotiator of the EU for Brexit , Michel Barnier, that there will be no other pact.

In the last few days, Theresa May goes to great lengths to win support in Parliament for her Brexit agreement . Many deputies, inside and outside the ruling Conservative Party, oppose the pact and assure that they will vote against it. This would lead the country into uncertainty, just over three months before the scheduled date for Brexit : March 29, 2019.


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