Social 29-10-2018

Caravan of Salvadoran migrants starts hike to the US

A caravan of migrants from El Salvador began their trip to US territory in the morning, as a group of Hondurans did weeks ago, reports the Salvadoran press.

At least 500 people gathered in a plaza in San Salvador, the capital of the country, to begin the mobilization, many of which are carrying children, says the news site El

The caravan was summoned through a page of the social network Facebook with the name "El Salvador emigrates for a better future".

A similar caravan of thousands of people left Honduras almost two weeks ago for the US, although many are stranded on the border between Mexico and Guatemala waiting to apply for refugee status.

The US Department of Defense approved on October 26 the deployment of soldiers on its southern border to help the Border Patrol and plans to send at least 800 soldiers to the area to block the entry of migrants.


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