Política 24-10-2017

Chile condemns attack on Argentine Embassy in Santiago

Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz visited the consulate of Argentina in Santiago this morning to condemn the attack of hooded men who suffered last night the residence of the ambassador, after a protest by Santiago Maldonado. "The embassies are inviolable, not even in dictatorship do I remember a situation like this, where they have vandalized and broken windows in a friendly embassy, a country with which we have built a deep trust and friendship," Muñoz said on the frontis diplomatic legation, which is only two blocks from Plaza Italia, the place of the Chilean capital where the largest number of public demonstrations are held.

Monday's protest was called by civil organizations and after finishing, a group of 80 hoods forced the driver of a micro to the Argentine consulate and crossed it in an avenue to use as trench. That moment, the advantage was taken by 15 protesters who opened the iron doors of the embassy, set fire to the front garden, scratched walls with slogans like "no forgiveness or oblivion" and destroyed all the windows of the ground floor overlooking the street. Carabineros of Chile could only detain two young men carrying incendiary items.

"This goes against countries, international law, decency, and we express our repudiation of those who allegedly protested abusing democracy and free expression, making an act of aggression that for the Government of Chile is unacceptable," said Foreign Minister Munoz. "Here, it was a band, a horde that took advantage of this embassy," he added and said that additional measures will be taken to ensure security and not to repeat itself.

José Octavio Bordón, the Argentinean ambassador to Chile, recalled that the residence has a history based on the friendship between both countries and he rejected that there are "minorities that use these themes to generate violent acts. I want to rescue the freedom with which justice has acted in the case (of Santiago Maldonado) and that there has been no concealment on the part of the Government or pressure to justice. Let justice act and we respect the pain of families. "

La Nación - Argentina