Politics 28-11-2018

Chileans reject Mapuche crime and salary readjustment

The public workers, unemployed for better wages, are in solidarity with the Mapuche people as a result of the murder of a comunero in the commune of Ercilla.

The crime of the Mapuche comunero, Camilo Catrillanca, the salary adjustment of the Government and the dismissals of public officials, unleash a wave of demonstrations in Chile.

The Chamber of Deputies will develop an investigation into the crime of Catrillanca.

The public workers reject the Mapuche commoner's crime, and the salary readjustment, proposed by the Government of Sebastián Piñera.

It is expected that within a period of no more than 120 days, the Special Investigative Commission on the murder of Catrillanca will render its report, for which reason it can be set up anywhere in Chile.


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