Politics 02-11-2018

'China opposes unilateral sanctions against any country'

The permanent representative of China to the United Nations, Ma Zhaoxu, assures that his country rejects unilateral sanctions to any country.

"Our position is clear and everyone knows that we are opposed to the unilateral application of sanctions to any country," the Chinese ambassador to the United Nations said on Thursday.

In a press conference on the plans in November of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), whose pro tempore presidency is held by China, Ma said that his country plans to hold a debate on "the strengthening of multilateralism" this month. in the international entity.

According to the official media, the presidency of the Security Council offers a platform for China to raise in the UNSC the issues related to the trade warunleashed by Washington, the denuclearization of North Korea and the abandonment of the United States. of international agreements.

Since his arrival to power, the US president, Donald Trump, came out of several multilateral agreements as the nuclear agreementreached in 2015 between Iran and the then Group 5 + 1 (USA, the United Kingdom, France, Russia and China, more Germany) and the Paris Climate Agreement.

After removing his country from the nuclear deal with Tehran, the Republican tycoonordered in August to reimpose a first round of sanctions on Iranthat affected the purchase of US dollars, the precious metals trade and the auto industry of Tehran. On November 4, he will lead a second round of sanctions against Iran's hydrocarbons and banking sector.

Without mentioning the name of Trump, the Chinese ambassador to the UN said that in recent years the world has been facing "serious challenges" that affect global issues, warning that "international laws and multilateral mechanisms are being undermined".

As for North Korea, Ma stressed that China advocates the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and is committed to the preservation of peace and security in this region.

He also stressed that Beijing supports the bilateral dialogues between the two Koreas and also between Pyongyang and Washington, and expects good results from these talks.

Similarly, the Chinese politician said that the relief of sanctions against North Korea should be considered "at the right time."


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