Politics 28-11-2018

China warns of world war because of US measures

The escalation of the tariff war launched by the United States against China may culminate in a world war, warned the Chinese ambassador in Washington.

"The lessons of history are still there. In the last century we had two world wars and, among them, the Great Depression. I do not think anyone should try to repeat the story. These things should never happen again, so we have to act responsibly, "Cui Tiankai said in an interview with the British news agency Reuters on Tuesday .

The Chinese envoy to the USA He criticized the hard-line policies of some US officials who try to confront Washington with Beijing in a trade war and stressed the obligation that both countries have to cooperate for the benefit of the world economy.

"The key to this solution is a balanced approach to the concerns of both parties (...) we can not accept that one side presents a series of demands and the other must satisfy all these things," said the Chinese ambassador.

The United States and China are engaged in a commercial dispute unleashed since July by the White House tenant under various pretexts, such as Chinese technology companies stealingintellectual propertyfrom US firms.

Last September, US President Donald Trumpannounced tariffsof 25% on goods imported from China worth 200 billion dollars.

Beijing sees in the actions of Washington attempts of domination, as well as of "repressing" the economic growth, thescientific and technological developmentof the Asian country.

In response, China has imposed tariffs on US goods and submitted a formal complaintto the World Trade Organization (WTO) in late Augustfor US tariffs. to your products.


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