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Christians of Nicaragua present signatures to the Vatican to expel bishop for "coup"

The Christian community of San Pablo Apóstol gave almost half a million signatures to the Vatican to demand the departure of Nicaragua from Bishop Silvio Báez, accused of being the "main promoter of the coup in the national territory," local media reported. .

"The signatures, 491,576, express the feelings of the Nicaraguans who reject the bishop's coup attitude," said Tomás Valdez, a member of the community, quoted by the publication La Voz del Sandinismo.

Since April, Nicaragua has experienced a political crisis triggered by opposition protests against the government, which responded with an offensive of arrests of activists, repression against demonstrators and accusations of "coup" or "terrorists" to those who express their disagreement with the authorities, including members of the Catholic Church.

According to the TN8 media, audios have been broadcast in recent weeks in which the bishop allegedly expresses himself as the leader of "coup" groups and refers to his links with illegal groups.

This motivated the Community Cristina San Pablo Apóstol to denounce the audios and send a letter to Pope Francisco, a Jesuit, for the bishop to leave Nicaragua.

Valdez affirmed that the audios were confirmed by the hierarchs of the church, although the Vatican has not officially expressed itself on the audios and in a news the Holy See supported the priest.

For its part, the Province of the Society of Jesus in Central America supported Báez in a statement.

"For months aware of the government's campaign against them, recently augmented by a manipulated recording of their words, it seems pertinent to remember that expressing opinions is a citizen's right, while spying on private conversations is a crime," he said. the organization.

Baez has denied the accusations, affirms that there is a campaign of intimidation and discredit against him because of his criticism of the government and the current situation the country is going through, and said he will present evidence of the repression attempts against him.

The government recognizes that 200 people died since April and assures that the violence is promoted by adverse sectors that seek to carry out a "soft coup" against President Daniel Ortega, whom he accuses of terrorists.


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