Social 08-11-2018

Colombian authorities reject compensation proposal from Odebrecht

Colombian authorities rejected a proposal by Brazilian company Odebrecht to compensate the country for damages caused by the payment of bribes in exchange for ceasing investigations against its officials, said deputy prosecutor Maria Paulina Riveros.

"In the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation are advancing principles of opportunity, but we have not considered that at any time is viable the waiver of administrative, prosecutorial or disciplinary, in that we have been reiterative," said Riveros in statements released by his office.

According to the official, Odebrecht proposed disbursing 106,000 million pesos (about 33.7 million dollars) to stop all the investigations being carried out in Colombia against the executives of the Brazilian company.

However, the Prosecutor's Office, the Attorney General's Office and the Colombian Comptroller's Office rejected the proposal and announced that the processes will continue.

After the announcement, the regional director of Odebrecht for Colombia and Ecuador, Felix Guedes Martins, said that the multinational will present a new proposal, which will be evaluated again by the three organizations.

Investigations from the Colombian Prosecutor's Office have indicated that Odebrecht -investigated in 12 million bribed countries- paid 84,000 million pesos (some 29 million dollars) in bribes in the country to benefit from the awarding of infrastructure works contracts.


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