Politics 05-10-2018

Colombian President presents plan against criminal groups in southwest of the country

Colombian President Iván Duque has pushed forward a plan to stop the illegal groups in Bajo Cauca (southwest), one of the regions with the most violence.

"We have told the country that the one who does it, pays it and we have implemented our diamond plan to produce results there will be two special forces companies, a tactical battalion, three military police platoons, a communications squad and a counterintelligence unit, "said the president in a video published by the official account of the Presidency on the Twitter social network.

Also, Duque pointed out that there will be an unmanned aircraft, specialized in detection of criminal mining and that in cases that find a criminal act will proceed to the destruction of machinery.

The president justified the measures presented stating that they are a strategy to prosecute the criminal structures that have triggered the homicides, due to disputes over routes or territorial controls for drug trafficking.

In July of this year, the Colombian Prosecutor's Office stated that the social leaders of the Colombian departments of Cauca and Antioquia (northwest) are at greatest risk of being killed by illegal armed groups that have been formed and strengthened after the demobilization of the guerrilla forces. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

The report presented by the Prosecutor's Office indicates that at the end of the first semester of 2018 the homicides increased at a rate of 6.5% as a result of the territorial confrontations between organizations linked to drug trafficking.


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