Politics 05-10-2018

Colombian Senate Commission asks the ELN to clarify if it has kidnapped people

The Peace Commission of the Colombian Senate told the National Liberation Army (ELN) that if it intends to resume negotiations to reach a peace agreement, it should clarify what happened to the 10 people who, according to the authorities , keep kidnapped.

"To advance in the process of negotiation between the government and the ELN, the Peace Commission considers it convenient for the ELN to clarify to the country if it has in its possession the 10 Colombian citizens that the government has listed as being in the hands of that guerrilla." , the commission said in a statement.

The commission requested these explanations from the guerrillas after the guerrillas requested their help to resume peace negotiations with the government.

"The Peace Commission of the Senate of the Republic welcomes the request of the ELN to seek our good offices to facilitate the early resumption of the peace talks and the round table," the delegation stated.

In the statement, the commission clarified that it informed the government about the request of the ELN and said that it hopes that in the next few days it can coordinate with President Iván Duque the steps to follow.

The ELN released a letter on October 4 in which it again questioned the government's conditions to continue the talks and reiterated that the new administration does not respect the previous agreements.

Duque said last week that he has the will to reestablish a dialogue with the ELN but that the guerrillas must release all the hostages as an initial step.

The last active guerrilla movement in Colombia carried out six peace talks with the government of Juan Manuel Santos (2010-2018) in order to put an end to more than half a century of armed confrontation and reach an armistice similar to that achieved in November 2016 with the then FARC guerrillas, now a leftist political party.


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