Politics 27-11-2018

Cuban Chancellery: the purpose of Bolsonaro is to eliminate the "More Doctors" program

The purpose of the president-elect of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, is to eliminate the health program "Más Médicos", said Yaira Jiménez Roig, director of Communication and Image of the Cuban Foreign Ministry in statements issued through the digital channel Youtube.

"No member of the transition team has transferred to the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba the interest of exchanging with the current term of cooperation, which indicates that the purpose of the president-elect is not to maintain the program, it is to eliminate it," Jiménez emphasized.

The official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba explained that for years, Bolsonaro, from his parliamentary seat, "was responsible for criticizing and proposing measures against the" More Doctors Program for Brazil "and especially against Cuban doctors.

Jimenez also said that Bolsonaro contradicts himself with respect to doctors because on the one hand he demands an examination to demonstrate his professional competence and skills to work in Brazil, and at the same time, without requesting that proof, or evidences of any kind, he says that will grant all Cuban doctors automatic political asylum.

"This behavior is very unserious and very worrying for our authorities and our medical staff," he said, "with its contradictions demonstrates that what it really wants is to end the presence of Cuban professionals and the More Doctors Program."

He stressed that Cuba can not trust that its doctors are safe in Brazil, in this environment full of uncertainty, "with a government of dubious professionalism that does not want to maintain this humanitarian program, full of beautiful life stories."

Jiménez explained that in September 2016, Cuba stated that its doctors would remain in the "More Doctors" program as long as the conditions agreed upon by the parties (Cuba, Brazil and the Pan American Health Organization) were met.

"Cuba fulfilled its word and the collaborators continued to provide services despite our position regarding the new authorities, so I also dismiss the suggestions that attribute the presence of Cuban doctors within the program to political or ideological preferences with some party."

He also assured that in many cases, mayors and governors of political parties of right-wing tendencies, "welcomed with great hospitality and offered total support to our professionals".

This social program was launched in 2013 by then President Dilma Rousseff (2011-2016) to alleviate the historic deficit of doctors in the poorest and most isolated regions of the country.

Some more than 8,300 Cuban doctors will leave Brazil in the coming weeks; the island's government decided to exit the program due to Bolsonaro's "contemptuous" and "threatening" statements.


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