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Cuban specialist highlights economic issues in new Constitution Project

The draft Constitution of the Republic ratifies the importance of foreign investment for the economic development of Cuba , said the president of the ANEC, Oscar Luis Hung.

In a conversation with Prensa Latina, the head of the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC) said that the document also recognizes the different forms of property that coexist in the country but makes it clear that the economy system on this island is based in the socialist property of the whole town.

The Constitution Project reaches one million copies

To this is added the recognition of the role of the market and of new forms of property, including private ownership, in correspondence with the Conceptualization of the Cuban Social and Economic Development Model and the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution.

He also sees planning as a central element of the economic system, as well as the role of workers and their participation in this process.

It also reflects the nature of the planned economy, which does not ignore the market but regulates it, according to the interests of society.

It also highlights the state company as the main subject of the national economy, which recognizes its autonomy as an essential operating principle.

Currently, the ANEC has about 79 thousand affiliated professionals and five thousand 400 base sessions in the provinces and municipalities, structures where economists interact with the existing territorial problems and contribute to their solution.

Hung said that the organization has worked in support of the municipal offices of the economy, training in planning, foreign investment, salaries, payment systems, feasibility studies and other disciplines that are at the center of the daily work.

To the non-state sector, he said, we also dedicate a space to contribute to its preparation on studies of legal norms, value chains and contracting forms, among other topics.

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