Politics 04-10-2018

Daniel Ortega is not afraid of sanctions imposed by the US

The president of Nicaragua says that his country is ready to move forward, despite US threats. to approve the Nica Act Act proposal.

The Nicaraguan leader, Daniel Ortega, maintains that this nation is ready to face the US interventionist pretensions.

The congressmen and senators threaten with the approval of the initiative Nica Act Act with which it is tried to block the loans to this nation. Given this possibility, the Sandinista leader affirms that Nicaragua will sustain itself through the efforts of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and agriculture.

Some Sandinista deputies claim that this country has commercial ties with other powers, which according to them, will help to lessen any economic impact.

The president of Nicaragua assures that international pressures will not cause his administration to advance the general elections scheduled for November 2021.

The Government of Nicaragua held at the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations (UNGA) that the Government of Donald Trump promotes interventionist policies against this country. The Administration of Daniel Ortega also maintained that they have resisted an attempted coup.


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