Politics 13-09-2018

Daniel Ortega proposes dialogue to get out of the crisis in Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega proposes to his militancy and citizens to establish a process of reconciliation and dialogue to get out of the socio-political crisis that Nicaragua is facing.

The Government of Daniel Ortega urges the Nicaraguans to reconcile and to leave behind the rivalries and ideological differences to work in the reconstruction of the national peace. For them, the Nicaraguan leader proposes a dialogue in the neighborhoods, in the regions, departments and municipalities of the country to find peace.

For some Sandinista deputies, the model of dialogue and consensus that the Ortega government maintained with all sectors of the country gave good results.

In the streets, citizens believe that dialogue should be inclusive and open where all sectors express their point of view and reach agreements in favor of Nicaragua.

The Government of Nicaragua rejected the approval of a resolution approved by 19 member countries of the Organization of American States (OAS) that request the State of this country to restart the national dialogue and point out that what this international organization intends is to interfere in the issues inmates of this country. The Sandinista militants will hold a day of consecutive marches in support of the Sandinista government's position.

The Government emphasizes that with its policy of dialogue with citizens it has allowed economic growth, social stability and security in the country in previous years.


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