Politics 11-09-2018

Deadline to replace Lula's presidential candidacy expires

Faced with the constant refusal of justice to keep the former Brazilian president in the electoral contest, the PT is expected to name Fernando Haddad to replace Lula's candidacy.

The Coordination of the Workers' Party (PT) must announce this Tuesday the substitute of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as presidential candidate, after the constant refusal of the Brazilian Justice to keep him in the electoral contest.

The defense of the leader of the PT has introduced numerous resources to try to keep Lula in the race ahead of the elections on October 7. However, on Tuesday the term given by the Electoral Justice to appoint the replacement of the exmandatario expires.

It is expected that the process of formalizing Haddad's application will be completed on Tuesday and that the final announcement will be made during the vigil in the afternoon.

Lula has been held in a prison in Curitiba for 158 days after receiving a sentence of 12 years and a month in prison for alleged corruption. The lawyers of the former president defend their right to political participation until the entire judicial process is concluded as expressed by the United Nations (UN).

They denounce that Lula is a political prisoner and that the Brazilian Justice seeks to leave him outside the presidential ones for which he keeps leading the intention of votes.


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