Politics 30-10-2018

Denmark withdraws its ambassador from Iran

Copenhagen suspects that a member of the Iranian Security Service is behind an attempted attack on Danish territory.

Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen has announced that Copenhagen has started the process to withdraw his ambassador to Iran because he believes that Tehran has planned to carry out an attack on Danish territory, according to local media reports .

Also, the head of the Danish Security Service, Finn Borch Andersen, reported this October 30 that they suspect that the Iranian Intelligence Service tried to attack an individual in that European country .

The aim of that attack would be to assassinate the leader of the Danish branch of the Arab Wrestling Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz, an Iranian opposition group.

Andersen has detailed that on October 21 the Danish police arrested a Norwegian citizen with Iranian roots for having collaborated with the Iranian Intelligence Service in that attempt. However, the detainee has rejected all the accusations.

Possible actions regarding Tehran

Denmark collaborates with other European countries to resolve this issue. In fact, the Danish chancellor has stressed that Copenhagen will offer a response and will agree with its allies the possible actions it will take regarding Tehran.

Samuelsen added that his ministry has called for consultations to the ambassador of Iran in Denmark, Morteza Moradian, who "has been made to understand that it is a very serious situation."

For its part, the Iranian Foreign Ministry has rejected all accusations and has estimated that they are part of " a conspiracy of enemies , whose purpose is to exert a negative influence on the development of relations between Iran and Europe."


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