Politics 27-11-2018

Deputies offer to support May over Brexit in exchange for his resignation

Conservative MPs from the UK offer to support premier Theresa May on Brexit in exchange for a date for her resignation, according to a report.

The British newspaper The Times , quoting government sources, has informed on Tuesday that the 'Tories' would have urged May to set a date for their own exit from Downing Street in an attempt to reduce the pressure of the opposition on the agreement reached on the Sunday by the Prime Minister and the European Union (EU) to finalize the Brexit .

A promise on the part of May to resign after the departure of London from the EU bloc on March 29 could help pacify the conversationalists, including those who have been in favor of an agreement with the EU.

May made a direct call on Monday to skeptical lawmakers to back their agreement with the EU. "I think our national interest is clear. The British citizens want us to continue with an agreement that honors the referendum (of June 23, 2016) and that allows us to come back together as a country, "he added.

The British news agency Reuters cites a spokesman for the premier's office, who stressed that representatives of the House of Commons will debate for five days and the final vote could be held between December 11 and 12.

May is in a complicated situation; She must face the fierce opposition that some members are making within her own party, while the EU has not shown signs of wanting to resume talks if the agreement does not advance.

Dozens of legislators, both from the opposition and from the ruling party, have promised to oppose it. The rejection of Parliament would plunge the United Kingdom into a political crisis and a possible financial crisis .

Both London and the EU are convinced that the agreement is not renegotiable, and opponents of itdo not have a consensus opinion on what should happen if Parliament rejects it. Some want an election, others a new referendum, and others say that the United Kingdom should leave the bloc without an agreement.


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