Politics 12-09-2018

Duke asks the peace tribunal to answer for FARC leaders whose whereabouts are unknown

Colombian President Iván Duque asked the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) to clarify what is happening with ex-FARC commanders whose whereabouts are unknown since they left the camps where they left weeks ago. they found.

FARC requests meeting with Iván Duque for doubts about peace agreement

"I hope that the Special Justice for Peace will clarify if those people are appearing to their calls, and if they are not doing so they can explain to the public what their status is," Duque asked, according to statements published by the local newspaper El Weather.

The JEP began operating last March, after it was created within the framework of the peace talks in Havana to judge the military and ex-combatants who participated in the armed conflict, as well as third parties who financed the conflict. it is the body in charge of authorizing the exits of ex-combatants from the camps in which they remain and even outside the country.

Duque referred to the former head of the FARC peace delegation Iván Márquez and Hernán Darío Velásquez ('El Paisa'), whose whereabouts are unknown after they left the Territorial Training and Reintegration Space (ETCR) where they found, of course, military follow-ups.

Although the ex-combatants are free to move around the Colombian territory, none of the disappeared - among whom there would be at least seven former commanders - has indicated where they are, as well as several of them also desisted from the security scheme provided by the State.

"In what has to do with people who are not fulfilling their obligations, because I hope there is a reaction from all the institutions," said Duque.

For several weeks, military intelligence has indicated that several ex-leaders and ex-militants of the FARC who remained in four ETCR and a New Regroup Point left these spaces from April 19 of this year until August 30.

The authorities do not rule out that some of these men are protected by the dissidence of alias 'Iván Mordisco', who heads the dissidence of the First Front of the demobilized FARC, and by alias 'Gentil Duarte', who ran the seventh front of the former guerrilla .

For the UN Mission in Colombia, which is following the demobilization process of the ex-FARC combatants, the ex-guerrillas have failed to fulfill their obligations contracted with the signing of the Peace Agreement by leaving the spaces in which they were concentrated.


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