Economy 13-07-2018

Ecuador and India express interest in strengthening political and commercial ties

Ecuador and India agreed to strengthen their political, diplomatic and commercial ties within the framework of the presentation of credentials of the national ambassador, Héctor Cueva, to Indian President Ram NathKovind, according to a report from the Foreign Ministry.

Kovind "highlighted the good moment in which bilateral relations between the two countries pass and indicated that in the last two years bilateral trade has increased and that there is a special interest in agricultural products, medicines, technology, among others", points out the official report.

Likewise, he expressed his satisfaction for the increase of Ecuadorian students in his country through the Technical and Economic Cooperation Program of India (ITEC) and pointed out that there are several areas "in which the transfer of technology and initiate joint activities could be contemplated. "

For his part, Cueva expressed the interest of Ecuador to maintain a close relationship with India "in order to work in coordination in compliance with the guidelines and objectives of the foreign policy of both countries, with a view to deepening the political and economic ties, commercial and diplomatic ".

Ecuador and India established diplomatic relations in 1969 and the main products exported by the Andean country are teak wood and chemicals.


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