Politics 11-09-2018

Ecuador: indigenous reject Government's position in Chevron case

The Union of Affected by the oil Texaco, today Chevron, denounce that the Government of Ecuador, is prioritizing trade agreements with the United States.

For the peoples and nationalities that for almost 30 years are fighting for the US oil company Chevron to remediate its ecosystems, it was a bucket of cold water, to know that an arbitration tribunal in The Hague, against Ecuador, the State Attorney General , Íñigo Salvador Crespo, was the one who read the core part.

The lack of a strong reaction against the oil company by the authorities, generated the reactions of the leaders.

Even more so when there are negotiations for a Trade Agreement with the United States, where the Chevron case would be decisive.

For his part, the Secretary of the Presidency, Eduardo Jurado Bejar, also did not accuse the oil company for its spills, inexplicably accused the Government of Rafael Correa of a bad defense strategy, and proposes repetition trials against officials.

In the Judgment it was key to benefit the oil company, a Bilateral Treaty of Investment Protection, but applied retroactively.

According to several experts, before thinking about repetition trials, Ecuador has 90 days to request the annulment of this arbitration ruling, ratifying that the bilateral investment protection treaty applied in this case came into force in 1997, when Chevron Texaco left the country in 1992.


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