Politics 12-09-2018

Ecuador's prosecutor's office investigates former president Rafael Correa for organized crime in the Odebrecht case

Former vice president Jorge Glas, in jail for another corruption trial, and other top public officials are also being investigated for the plot led by the Brazilian construction company, which gave millionaire sums of money to officials in exchange for state Works.

Ecuador's attorney general's office on Tuesday opened an investigation into organized crime against former president Rafael Correa, his then vice president, his former ministers and other top public officials, as well as the Brazilian company Odebrecht, on whom he suspects acts of corruption.

The measure responded to the complaint presented last March by the political leader César Montúfar, who asked the justice to investigate the corruption plot led by Odebrecht , which gave millions of dollars to public officials in exchange for state works.

Speaking to Radio Sonorama , the complainant said on Tuesday that "a criminal structure operating from the top of the Ecuadorian State, which had the power to change the law, the institutions to replace officials in order to generate the most favorable conditions for institutionalize corruption in the country. "

He stressed that it is striking that the prosecution has not included Odebrecht in the investigation of corruption of a transnational nature and that after more than two years of investigations the State has not recovered "a penny, of the billions of dollars that have been Stolen".

As part of the investigation, former Vice President Jorge Glas is included in prison for another corruption trial; Alexis Mera , legal secretary of the Presidency; José Serrano, former Minister of the Interior, in addition to the former Attorney Generals Carlos Baca and Galo Chiriboga , former Comptroller Carlos Pólit and former Attorney Diego García.

Correa ruled with an iron hand this country between 2007 and 2017, and left power in May last year when he went to live in Belgium with his family. From there he has denied any act of corruption and has pointed out that the processes against him are a political retaliation. Today he is succeeded by his old friend and ally Lenin Moreno , from whom he has distanced himself since he assumed power.

Apart from the aforementioned officials, a group of former ministers and other senior officials , especially from the oil and energy sector, are in prison or prosecuted for offenses related to acts of corruption fostered by Odebrecht.


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