Politics 26-11-2018

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The priority of Ivan Duque, who has become Trump's weapon, is to overthrow the Maduro government because this is "a real threat" to the US.

"The Colombian leader has accepted that for his country the ideal is to serve as a weapon of the policy of the US head of state (Donald Trump)," Venezuelan former vice president José Vicente Rangel reported on his program José Vicente Hoy aired on Televen on Televen. .

He insisted that the policy of the tenant of the White House is to overthrow Maduro "as is". His government, according to the politician, is a real threat to Washington and therefore "must be eliminated as soon as possible."

Since the arrival of Duque to the presidency, Venezuela and Colombia are not on the best terms, since the Colombian president demands the international community to "corral" the Chavez government .

But, according to Rangel, the resistance shown by the Venezuelan Government and people to the measures of Colombia and theeconomic war and US blockade. It has sounded the alarms in Washington's circles of power.

In this context, insists the Venezuelan politician, the Trump government has been surprised with the "support of the community" to the Government of Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan president, as revealed by "all the surveys carried out in the country."

The Americans intend to continue attacking the people to unconstitutionally remove President Maduro, but they feel frustrated, because "instead of destabilizing the South American country, its people and institutions are fully strengthened," Rangel argues.

Caracas accuses the Government of Bogota ofbeing a puppet of the United Statesand of supporting the US Government in its efforts to intervene in Venezuela and overthrow Maduro.


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