Economy 29-06-2018

El Pollo Sobrero apologized for his sentence: "What I wanted to say is that the economic plan of the Government falls"

In the afternoon the railroad leader had demanded "a plan of struggle until the government falls." At night after receiving criticism he apologized.

Much commotion was created after the sharp phrase of Rubén "Pollo" Sobrero in the act of the left in the Obelisk. In his speech on unemployment, the railway leader had proposed "a plan of struggle until the government falls." After the Casa Rosada left to cross him for his sayings, Sobrero apologized through his Twitter account and explained: "What I meant was that the government's economic plan falls."

At the rally held at the Obelisk around noon the leader had targeted both the workers' center and the national authorities. "Know very well that this strike was made despite the CGT it was done with the force that came from below, and with the same force we will keep pushing, for a plan of struggle until the government falls" was the statement that resonated in the media networks and high political sectors.

First Jorge Triaca referred to the issue in Balcarce 50. "I did not hear it but it shows the undemocratic attitudes of some" said the Minister of Labor when they consulted him about Sobrero's statements.

Later, at night Patricia Bullrich also criticized him harshly. "It seems infamous to me in an Argentina that lived so many tragic ends of our democracy, to speak of a government falling is an infamy" said the head of the Labor portfolio. And, in a note in TN he added: "I hope that Sobrero apologizes the good thing in a democracy would be to say 'I went out of my mouth.' We as a government have learned to apologize, well, let's give him the opportunity to let him do it".

Minutes later, the railroad leader retracted his Twitter account. "In today's speech I made a mistake in saying that 'the government falls', in reality what I wanted to say is that the economic plan of the government falls in. To those who were upset I apologize for this grave error," wrote Sobrero .


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