Mundo 18-10-2017

EU seeks to increase cooperation with Colombia on environmental issues

The European Union (EU) hopes to enhance cooperation with Colombia on environmental issues through political dialogue that will allow an exchange of best practices and experiences.

So said Efe CEO Environment EU, the Spanish Daniel Calleja, who participated in the meeting "Circular Economy: Opportunities for Business", which brings together more than 60 European businessmen and experts in Medellin.

"This is the first mission of the European Union organized in Colombia with companies from 14 countries representing a gross domestic product (GDP) as Finland and employing one million workers," Calleja said.

On the other hand, he said the meeting in which he participated's main objective is “to increase cooperation between the bloc and Colombia on environmental issues to face challenges together and look for "green solutions" through agreements.

"We want to establish a political dialogue on the environment with Colombia to have an exchange of best practices and our regulatory experience," said Calleja.

A group of 60 businessmen, academics and European experts, headed by Calleja, visit Colombia to seek new business opportunities in the field of circular economy.

The delegation will participate Thursday in Bogota at another meeting which will deal with authorities and local entrepreneurs songs like "Solid waste management and recycling solutions", "Energy and Water" and "Integrated solutions for urban and related services."

Colombia, according to Daniel Calleja, is a "strategic partner" for the EU because not only shares the "same political, economic, social and cultural values", but also holds the bloc a trade agreement since August 2013.

The European Union leads missions in countries like China, South Africa, Chile and Iran that seek to promote green growth and circular economy, in addition to finding business opportunities around sustainable development.