Social 23-11-2018

Evo Morales accuses Trump of "double standards" for his attitude towards the caravan of migrants

The Bolivian leader has indicated that with his measures the president of the United States. "It made the American" dream "a nightmare of the world."

The measures that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, intends to take to prevent Central American migrants from entering the territory of their country are an example of "double standards", said the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, Thursday on your Twitter.

"Trump, with double standards, sends messages of" love, understanding and happiness "to his people for Thanksgiving, while he orders his troops to use lethal force against the caravan of migrants from Central America," the Bolivian president wrote. , adding that in this way the US leader "It made the American" dream "a nightmare of the world."

This Thursday Donald Trump gave permission to Army troops to use "lethal force" on the border with Mexico "if necessary," with the goal of containing Central American migrants.

He also threatened to close the US border indefinitely. with Mexico , which would affect trade between both countries. In addition, the US president reported that there could be a 'closure of government' next month due to the security of the border.


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