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Ex-Minister of Court who received chump, in favor of HC

The former Minister of the Court Víctor Núñez, awarded by the government of Cartes with a lucrative salary in Yacyretá, went to make a "courtesy visit" to the president of the Senate, Silvio Ovelar, and in passing suggest mechanisms to endorse the illegal oath.

The former Minister Nunez said that Nicanor Duarte Frutos should swear as an active senator, like Cartes, who has 45 days to do it later, once he leaves office. Suggests to the President of Congress that -by means of a resolution passed by a majority of the plenary- the nullity of Mirta Gusinky's oath be declared in the case of Nicanor, the same mechanism to subsequently endorse the Cartes abuse.

"When the act is null (referring to the Gusinky oath), nonexistent, the administrative authority must declare the nullity," said the former minister, who resigned to avoid being subjected to impeachmentfor poor performance in their functions.

Nunez, despite the questioning against him, was rewarded with a charge in the EBY by the government of Cartes, so his "spontaneous" defense of the president's oath has great suspicion that he really watches over his "oaf."

When asked if Ovelar asked for any legal opinion, he said that "he does not know that I came here ... I came to greet him personally, he has been a friend of mine for a long time, it is a courtesy protocol visit."

"In this case there is no exclusion, there is a momentary incompatibility," he said of Cartes, defending the Chartist position that the decision of the Court should prevail and that he should swear once he leaves the presidency.

"He can wait 15 days, request permission to swear, the organ can grant him an extension, he has 45 days later, of which, if he does not swear, he can be excluded," he said, insisting that there is no disability, but incompatibility. momentary

He also affirmed that the fact that Gusinky has sworn and voted does not "legalize" his situation as senator, since the "null act of absolute nullity does not produce legal effect", so, in his opinion, it would not be necessary to cancel his oath nor withdraw the investiture.

He also pointed to Senator Fernando Lugo for not having sworn Nicanor and yes to Gusinky as his replacement, affirming that there is no norm that endorses that provision.

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