Política 08-08-2018

Expert reveals why the US refuses to negotiate a disarmament with Russia

Washington does not want to open an active dialogue on disarmament with Moscow before the November congressional elections, estimates the director of a Russian think tank.

Russia has offered to the US a dialogue initiative on disarmament, but it is unlikely that Washington will take any decision on it before the November congressional elections are held, says Vladimir Batiuk, director of the Center for Military-Political Studies at the US Institute. and Canada, attached to the Russian Academy of Sciences, according to RIA Novosti.

The comment comes after the US newspaper Politicoreported that Russian President Vladimir Putin during his meeting with Donald Trump in Helsinki (Finland) made a series of proposals on arms control, including negotiations on a reduction of nuclear weapons, an extension for five years of the START-3 treaty and the prohibition to deploy weapons in space.

Politico's article pointed out that the White House had refused to comment on Russian proposals to Trump alleging that the president had not received any document of that type.

Batiuk believes that this reaction is due to the reluctance of the US Administration to take political risks in the run up to the November legislative elections .

"The White House simply does not want to take the risk," said the expert, "It is not clear how the voters would react to information from disarmament negotiations," explains the rather unwilling reaction of the US side.