Politics 02-11-2018

FARC will ask for intervention of the ICC Prosecutor for reforms that are made to the peace tribunal

The leftist Colombian FARC party, which emerged after the demobilization of that guerrilla group, warned that it will ask for the intervention of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) before the reforms that are being carried out in the Congress to the peace tribunal. judge military personnel who participated in the armed conflict.

"If this new reform takes effect, we will ask for the immediate intervention of the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, which will undoubtedly find reasons to take a step beyond the current situation of observation to Colombia," said the Political Council of the Fuerza Revolutionary Alternative of the Common (FARC) in a statement.

Currently, and on the initiative of the government party, Centro Democrático, led by ex-president and right-wing senator Álvaro Uribe (2002-2010), work is underway on the modification of the peace tribunal (Special Peace Jurisdiction, JEP) in Congress so that fourteen magistrates are appointed who know about issues related to the Public Force, in such a way that they are the ones who judge the military.

Such magistrates would be selected by the Superior Council of the Judiciary and the Procurator's Office and would have experience in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and operational law, which for the government party would provide guarantees for the trial of the military men designated as crimes against humanity in the armed conflict, to those who, according to that party, can not be judged with the same standards as the ex-guerrillas.

"The institutionality of the State will elect the new judges who will judge the members of said State institutions that have responsibilities derived from the conflict, absolute lack of partiality that is approved when the JEP has entered into force," the FARC said.

He also noted that "the political agreement (...) obviously augurs that in the future will continue to be presented new legislative projects that end up denaturing the Peace Agreement to get guarantee absolute impunity of those who have always enjoyed it in Colombia."

Finally, the Political Council of the FARC pointed out that the provisions that are taking place in Congress to modify the JEP have the "clear intention to undermine the main purposes" of this judicial model, among which is reparation for the victims of the armed conflict and National reconciliation through the clarification of the truth.


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