Analysis 30-10-2018

First appraisals of Bolsonaro as president-elect of Brazil

During an interview for the media Récord TV, the elected president of Brazil spoke about his new Cabinet, the bearing of arms, minorities, among other topics.

The elected president of Brazil , Jair Bolsonaro, offered his first interview on Monday , where he gave a glimpse of his position on what his government policies will be.

Bolsonaro was elected president last Sunday with 55 percent of valid votes, compared to 45 percent of his opponent,Fernando Haddad,of the Workers' Party ( PT ).

Among the issues he addressed during the meeting with a journalist from the medium TV Record, are the conformation of his Cabinet , as well as his opinion on various topics, such as the controversial bearing of arms and minorities.

Conformation of the Cabinet

One of the highlights of the interview is the confirmation of his Government Cabinet. For the moment, the Brazilian president confirmed four men.

Onyx Lorenzoni in the Civil House, together with Paulo Guedes (Economy), General Heleno (Defense) and Marcos Pontes (Science and Technology) will be part of the Government of Bolsonaro.

Also, the new head of state stressed his intention to appoint Minister of Justice or member of the Supreme Court "if there is a vacancy" to Sergio Moro , judge of the Lava Jato case and who ordered the arrest of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

The president-elect anticipated that he would cut the number of ministries from 29 to 15 and that he would not generate an alliance in exchange for positions.

Social terrorist movements?

In one of the most controversial opinions, the elected president ratified on several occasions that he will consider that the invasions of the land will be classified as terrorism .

Bolsonaro was inflexible and confirmed that he does not intend to dialogue with the Movement of Rural Landless Workers (MST).

"All actions of the MST and the MTST should be classified as terrorism, private property is sacred," the president-elect said.


Bolsonaro said that, in his opinion, Brazil is at war, in relation to the high rates of violence that the country is going through. He also criticized that currently the law requires buyers to demonstrate the need to carry a weapon.

The extreme right-wing was in favor of the use of more weapons by the police forces, because when the deaths caused by agents increase, "the violence falls."

"An armed trucker who reacts if someone is stealing the spare tire, can set an example. Shoot, the element is shot down and is legitimate defense. He will have to answer but he will not be punished, that will reduce the violence in Brazil with all certainty, "said Bolsonaro.

Relationship with his vice president

General Hamilton Mourão will be the vice president of Bolsonaro.

"It's not that I'm a captain and he's a sergeant, we're all soldiers from Brazil. He is an extremely prepared person. It has a very large cultural baggage, "assured the far right.

Bolsonaro, captain, already clarified on repeated occasions that, although he defends military values and has a vice president that exceeds his rank, General Mourão does not send him. But he will send in his Government.

"I do not want a decorative vice president. More than vice president, will be a counselor for any time, "said the president-elect, but recognizes that it must" improve how you talk to the press. "

During the campaign, Mourão expressed various radical opinions before the press, such as referring to the "heroes kill" in reference to the crimes of the dictatorship, as well as "no need to consult the people" to reform the Constitution.

Mistrust Mercosur

On the Common Market of the South (Mercosur), Bolsonaro coincided with the statements of his future finance minister, the economist Paulo Guedes, and for whom the bloc composed of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay (Venezuela was illegally suspended) "is not a priority. "

"Mercosur is important but, in my opinion, it is overvalued (...) Nobody wants to detonate Mercosur but we want to give it its proper stature," said the newly elected president of Brazil.

According to Bolsonaro, his country intends to get rid of "some ties of the Mercosur".


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