Politics 04-12-2018

French Prime Minister today announced the suspension of the increase in taxes on fuel

The initiative of the French Government to increase fuel prices provoked strong protests throughout the country.

The French Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, announced on Tuesday the suspension of the rise in fuel prices, which caused strong protests of the 'yellow vests' during the last weeks in the country, AFP reports , citing sources in the Government.

The political analyst, Carlos Puente Martín, believes that the fuel policy has been the last straw of patience that the French had before the reforms of President Emmanuel Macron.

On November 17 a protesterdiedafter being run over during a protest by the 'yellow vests' against the increase in fuel prices. In addition, at least 227 people were injured, while 117 people were arrested by the police.

On November 24a new protest was registered thatleftat least 30 injured and 130 protesters arrested, turning Paris into a real battlefield. As a result of the protests,seven metro stations were closed temporarily. During the coverage of the demonstrations in Parisseveral members of the RT France team were injured .

On December 1, the protests of the 'yellow vests' in central France became violent and there wereclashes with the police . During the demonstration in the French capital, more than 400 people were arrested and wounded 133.

Also, on Saturday Lucas Léger, RT France journalist,becamea "collateral victim" when riot police forces tried to disperse the protesters in the French capital. In addition, at least12 RT journalists were injuredwhile covering the new round ofprotests , according to the RT group director, Margarita Simonián.


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