Mundo 18-07-2017

Galicia increases its biomass subsidy for private individuals by 600,000 euros.

This week the Official Gazette of Galicia published the budget increase of the aid to "the creation, improvement and extension of small infrastructures for biomass thermal equipment projects for individuals". 608,000 euros are added to the almost 2.3 million of the first call of March. For this type of betting, the Xunta received the penultimate prize Promotes Bioenergy, promoted by Avebiom, an association that has just announced the renewal as president of Javier Díaz and the last details of Expobiomasa 2017, fair of which organizer.

The "vital constants" that made two years ago the Xunta de Galicia received from the hands of the Spanish Association of Energetic Valorization of Biomass (Avebiom) the prize Promotes Bioenergy.It was perceived at the beginning of the year, coinciding with three lines of aid affecting biomass (installation of boilers, heat and renewable networks for SMEs and agricultural self-employed) and now supports it with the budget expansion of the first line.

"In the corresponding budgetary application there is available credit and in order to attend the applications admitted to participate in this call, it is necessary to extend the budgetary allocation originally stated". This justifies this increase the Enerxético Institute of Galicia in the resolution published last Tuesday in the Official Gazette of Galicia.

The aid, which affects the "creation, improvement and extension of small infrastructure for biomass thermal equipment projects for individuals", amounted to € 2,265,000, half of which comes from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). The amount now added (€ 608,599) will come entirely from the Xunta, which warns that this extension "will not imply opening of deadline to submit new applications".

Avebiom, who this year has awarded the Fomenta Bioenergy Award to the University of Valladolid, has just announced the re-election as president of Javier Diaz for a new term of four years. Likewise, it points out the new additions to the board of directors: Román Monasterio (Enerlan Solutions), Diego Lamelas (Heat ERBI) and Roberto Bravo (Naturpellet); Who join with those who repeat: Alberto Bodero, Javier Díaz (Las Pedrajeras) and José Casado (Open Smart Rural).

As organizers of Expobiomasa, whose next edition will take place from September 26 to 29 in Valladolid, Avebiom has also announced the days that will take place in parallel to the exhibition, highlighting the XI International Congress of Bioenergy. This will be especially focused on the digitalization and industry 4.0 applied to the biomass.

As for the conference, mention will be made, among others, of the following topics: new certification in the installation of biomass, expansion of distributed heat networks, keys to the implementation of energy services, purchase and sale of forest biomass, ENplus certification, biogas expectations, emission control in biomass boilers, certification of Mediterranean biofuels, biomass business in Mexico, biomass energy use in African projects, energy efficiency and decarbonization of buildings.

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