Economía 30-08-2017

Gazprom says assesses impact on new US sanctions on company

Gas giant Gazprom is assessing the possible impact of the new U.S. anti-Russian sanctions on the company, Gazprom said in a report late on Tuesday.

“The U.S. signed the law that provides for the imposition of further sanctions against the Russian Federation that potentially affects also the interests of the Group. (…) The Group is currently assessing the impact of the sanctions on its activities,” Gazprom said.

According to the Gazprom report, the impact of the sanctions on its activity in Europe and its international projects "will depend a lot" on the contents of documents approved by US President Donald Trump and the US Treasury Department, in compliance with said law.

The company also notes that its net income in the first half of 2017 was reduced by a third compared to the same period last year, and stood at 408.050 billion rubles (about 6.9 billion dollars).

The law, signed by US President Donald Trump on August 2, includes new restrictions on senior Russian officials for alleged interference in the US elections in 2016, an accusation that Moscow denied repeatedly.