Mundo 28-06-2017

German power companies will pay 24 billion for "nuclear blackout"

The German government and power plants with nuclear power plants in the country have signed a contract to distribute costs of the "nuclear blackout", scheduled for 2022. The State is responsible for cemeteries of radioactive waste and companies will pay nearly 24 billion euros which will be included in a specific fund. Brussels has authorized the establishment of this fund.

According to ElPerió, the agreement, made public in a statement by the Ministry of Economy, ends a multi-million-year dispute for an unprecedented process, after Berlin agreed to the progressive closure of all plants after the Fukushima tragedy.

According to the Ministry, the utilities will continue to assume the costs related to the "decommissioning" of nuclear power plants and the "packaging" and "transport of radioactive waste to nuclear cemeteries". For its part, the German Government will assume from now on the cost of conditioning and maintaining temporary and permanent atomic waste deposits.

In order to be exempt from any future liability, power plants with atomic power stations will have to pay by July 1 close to 24,000 million euros in cash to fund the newly created nuclear waste disposal.

The five companies are the four largest electricity companies in the country - E.ON, Vattenfall, RWE and EnBW - plus Stadtwerke München, the Munich public company for water, electricity and waste management, which participates in a nuclear power plant.

The agreement is similar to the proposal made last year by an independent commission convened by the German Government to elucidate this issue, one of the great pitfalls of the "nuclear blackout." So the big electric companies criticized the proposal for the figures that were handled, but now they have subscribed it without variations.

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